Jawaban Soal Kelas2 Semester 1

Ini adalah jawaban dari Soal Kelas 2 Semester 1

I. Questions

1. It is in the District of Kotawaringin Barat and Litawaringin Timur in Central Kalimantan.

2. It is 3,000,040 hectares.

3. Yes, it is.

4. In 1982.

5. It is orang utan.

6. Yes, we can.

7. No, it is not. (It is the largest in South East Asia, not in the world)

8. No, there aren’t.

9. The origin name is Wildlife Conservatory.

10. It is fish.

II. Comparison

1.            This book is too expensive. Are there any cheaper books?

2.            You look thinner now. Have you been sick for a long time?

3.            Which one do you think is the fastest animal? Horse, cheetah or tiger?

4.            Your room looks cleaner now. There is no more garbage.

5.            According to me, Agnes Monica is the most beautiful singer in Indonesia?

6.            Elephant is the biggest animal in Sumatra.

7.            I am richer now. I have much money to buy anything I want.

8.            I cannot do this exercise well. I think I will get the worse mark in this test.

9.            Ani is 23 years old. Bani is 22 years old. Lulu is 24 years old. So, Bani is the youngest among them.

10.       Devi is the laziest student in this class. She never does her homework.

Jika anda masih kurang memahami COMPARISON (perbandingan), klik COMPARISON untuk mengetahui lebih jelas.


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